Tips to Continue a Healthy 2016

Being healthy doesn’t have to be about taking things away. Instead, think of it as adding things to your normal routine and menu.

For instance, instead of taking away drinking sugary beverages, substitute one with a glass of water. You may find that you no longer need that sugary drink to quench your thirst. Take that same concept to your plate. Add a fruit to your breakfast or lunch and see how you feel after eating it. If you are still hungry, eat up, but think about your portion size when you do. Often, we fill up the plate without thinking and then eat what’s on our plate because that’s what we’re programmed to do. Try listening to what your body really needs versus always responding to what you want.

Exercise requires a lot more effort, but it’s doable. I remember a long time ago, an individual lost a lot of weight and said he did it by walking daily. Every day, he would walk the length of one more house than the previous day. A bonus with walking is getting out of the house and meeting your neighbors. Not into talking when out for a walk? Wear headphones. Even if you don’t have music, we’ll never know and to date, I’ve never seen anyone stop someone with headphones on.

I’ve said this one before, but I live by this rule. When you go grocery shopping, aim to have more fresh produce and food in your cart than any other item. A cart is an easy way to see the balance you are introducing in your life. The scales should always be tipped in favor of fresh food.

Wear an activity tracker. I’m a fan of Fitbit, but there are plenty of other trackers out there to suit your needs. Most track you AND your friends so you can compete when you need a push or track individually. If you get a tracker, make no exceptions for reaching your goal every day. Make your goal the heart-healthy 10,000 steps a day or higher if you need more of a challenge. I’ve made my goal every day for at least two years, minus the days I was in the hospital. I have a desk job, so I have to do something in the evenings to meet my goals. One day, I’ll get a treadmill or ride my bike, but for now, I like to turn music on and dance! Even a little 2-step will get your heart pumping if you do it long enough.

So these are all my tips for a healthy year. Instead of trying to keep a New Year’s Resolution, resolve to add more into your daily routine to eventually replace the habits that keep you from reaching your health and fitness goals. These are life changes, not short term goals to reach a particular weight. If you are able to tip the scales towards a healthier you, you have reached a level of success that cannot be compared to a single resolution. Wishing you all well!

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