Movie Review : Trolls

As it would be with many things,  I intended to write this post a week ago, but parenthood took my full attention until now.  Oddly enough,  it was our first time seeing a movie the weekend it opened because with small children,  we’d been waiting until at least 3 weeks to see anything in the theatre  (the rare times we went), so we were sure the crowd had thinned.  Even then,  we’d go to the dine-in theatre, which has a more relaxed environment,  plenty of room, and food to distract the kids. So you’d think I’d  get this review out lickety split to prove our early attendance, but it was ultimately pushed away until after the birthday festivities. 
I’m going to come right off and say you will have no spoilers in this review.  I wouldn’t dare soil your experience if  you too are a rare movie goer because of small children. I will tell you I give it an A and my husband gives it a solid B. The girls,  ages 1 and 4, enjoyed it immensely. If you read reviews saying otherwise,  it is probably as my husband would say,  the result of people without children rating a children’s movie.  That is not to say this movie is geared towards children only, because I would steer you from those movies as well! Instead,  I  would say parents would view it with another layer or filter that quantifies the perception the children have and add that to the final rating. 

Any movie that captivates the attention of a 1.5 year old so she ends up dancing in her seat,  waving to the screen,  and genuinely enjoying a full length movie (that I also enjoy)  is going to rate super well with me. My 4 year old also enjoyed it and followed the storyline from beginning to end. 

Going into the movie,  none of us knew anything about it.  Aside from seeing the characters in the store, we were clueless. I hadn’t even seen a preview.  5 minutes into the movie,  I started to think we’d made a mistake and would be suffering through a very long kiddie movie.  Then,  the humor and songs  kicked in and I began to truly enjoy it.  This isn’t a spoiler – it’s a musical! It has upbeat music throughout and humor everyone will enjoy.  I would have preferred a different method of delivery for the glitter ,  but I can forgive one thing for everything  else the movie provided. 

I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s a movie we are definitely adding to our collection as in addition to humor, it has positive messages of bravery, finding alternate solutions,  teamwork,  and confidence.  We’ve already bought the CD and listen to it in the car  while recounting the scenes the music belongs to. It’s amazing to hear how much of the storyline was understood and absorbed. 

  Look for the movie cutout as well.  It puts a nice finishing touch on the entire experience.

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